Nutec HoriClad™ Pedestrian Gate

as per your custom design selection:

  • Manufactured from fully welded prime commercial quality mild steel sections.
  • All steelwork hot-dip galvanized to SANS121 / ISO 1461 standard.
  • Our pedestrian gates have machined hinges with a stainless steel hinge pin inside nylon bushings to ensure smooth movement without binding.
  • Pedestrian gates are supplied with square or rectangular steel tubing posts for either side to be mounted to the walls which ensure a seamless fit and reliable operation.
  • All pedestrian gates are supplied with stainless steel mounting screws which coupled with our post bushing system ensure strong mounting to the walls.
  • With our nutec clad pedestrian gates only corrosion and tamper proof fasteners are used to fix the cladding to the steel gate frame.
  • Anti-flex features are standard on our gates to combat crowbar attacks. 


    • Installation instructions and telephonic support and advice freely provided with all DIY Installation pedestrian gates.
    • Delivery of all pedestrian gates is costed only on the Cape Town area. Outlying and National areas subject to shipping quote.
    • Full Service includes all materials, site consumables and labour required with transport inside the Cape Town area to measure and install the Pedestrian Gate.

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Nutec HoriClad™ Pedestrian Gate

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