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Welcome to the new way of buying a driveway gate

By enquiring online you are not placing a final confirmed order! 

We know that buying a new driveway gate is a large decision and we want to make your process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Usually you will contact several companies to get quotes and then wait for ages for people to respond just to setup a meeting onsite. Does this sound familiar?

We have been guilty of this ourselves because we only had two salesmen and every single product variation had to be drawn from scratch in order to quote. We were overwhelmed with enquiries and sadly we let many people down because it just took too long for us to respond to all the potential clients. We used to spend hours late into the night designing every product for every request and saying to ourselves, "I've designed this before, there must be a faster way!" We would send out quotes for elaborate designs only to hear from clients that the price was nowhere near what they expected. Our fault for not educating the market!

We have done the homework to enable our potential customer to have control of the design for their own driveway gate. We curated our most popular designs and are also embarking on a campaign to educate the market to allow customers to do more research and know more before making this large decision. 

We have setup this online store to facilitate quick price comparison and subsequently a much faster salesman turnaround.


By enquiring online you are not placing a final confirmed order! 

We have given you control of the design process and the buying journey. No longer are you waiting till the end of time for quotes or budget figures.

You are now able to design your new driveway gate and see what the "in the region of" budget cost is going to be for your selection instantly!

By clicking the link, you are sending a request for one of our sales staff to contact you and setup an onsite meeting in order to formalize the quotation based on the actual site and YOUR REQUIREMENTS.

Unless you want to measure the product yourself using our informative and easy templates, we still need to come to site to confirm the sizes and layout of the product,  we will chat with you about any particular options or concerns you may have to ensure you get what you want.

What happens in this process?

YOU select the driveway gate design and options.

YOU select DIY or Installed.

YOU see a projected driveway gate cost and click to request a quote based on your options and delivery / installation selection.

WE contact you and then supply a final drawing and quotation based on your requirements and selections.


All of our driveway gates are made to order, you are not buying off the shelf and forcing it to fit. It is made fit for purpose in order to suit your sizing and site requirements. Your driveway gate cost depends on the design chosen and the size of the opening.

We look forward to helping you on your journey.

The Glow Team